Edit like a pro, by Picsart

With all those pictures you post on the social media, I am sure you have tried many applications to edit your pictures. Make them look more beautiful or even a bit crazy looking. But, let me break this to you,, this app am going to tell you about is like no other. I have been using PICSART for over an year now and am in complete awe of it. It’s like a little child of Photoshop. I am not boasting but on almost every edit I do on it, I have got people asking “OH WHAT HOW  DID YOU DO THAT?” Though I have seen people using Picsart often, they are still a stranger  to the plethora of amazing tools it has to provide.

Well, they say your knowledge increases when you share, so here is a slice of what I have learnt on the app, for you:


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  • Make two pictures blend in


Have you seen pictures like these anywhere? Pinterest, Instagram or some Photography page.

Image Sources:

Selection of the two pictures to be blended in is crucial. The background image should contain details and depth while the foreground image should have a clear silhouette outlines with as minimum details as possible and if  it has a white background too then it’s the best choice ever!

You can either begin with the background image and blend the foreground in or vice versa. I recommend you to begin with the foreground image and then blend in the background. So, now that you have your photographs chosen and ready, here are the steps:


  1. Open the Picsart app , choose the edit option and select your foreground image.
  2. At the lower tools tab, click on add photo option.
  3. Select your background image from here.
  4. Set the opacitbhasy of this background image using the slider.
  5. At the top, you’ll find a symbol of a brush, select it.
  6. Now your picture will turn reddish, the red area signifies the areas where your background image dominates the foreground image. By adjusting the size and hardness of the brush, clear out this red zone from the areas where you want your foreground image to standout of the background. ( Be patient in this step, the finer you erase, better will be the results.
  7. You can undo your erased area by selecting the options for the brush and make it red again, so don’t worry!



  • Bring light and brightness back into your failed clicks

There are some pictures that are beautiful but if they had a little more light in the focus, they will look better. You might already know how to change the brightness and contrast of your pictures by general settings. But the method am going to tell you works better because it brings changes in the overall picture’s shadows and highlights too automatically and doesn’t look edited much.

For this, we use the curves option in the lower set of tools in the app, like


Move the curve up the blue line to increase the light in your picture and below the blue line to decrease the light or brightness.


You can make the best out of your creativity on Picsart. Check out the top 15 pictures on Picsart community in 2015 and be inspired.


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