Start blogging today!

  1.  Don’t start blogging with the aim to start earning. Blogging is a gradual learning process where the point at which it starts paying off comes after months of hardwork and dedication. Let the the urge and passion to share something be the sole reason to begin blogging. As I say, (or my blog tag line) : Create. Share. Enlighten.
  2. Choose a niche which interests you the most. It can be anything, photography, poetry, fashion, health, beauty, parenting and so on. Go as far as your creative mind takes you. There’s not a limit though. Your blog can be a mix of different niches, like mine is.
  3. After you’ve chosen a niche, give a lot of thought in coming up with your blogs name. Your blog name should clearly specify what’s the blog about. Shouldn’t be too short ( people won’t understand it) or too long ( people won’t read the entire name).
  4. Set your target audience and analyze. Keep in mind the audience you’ll be targeting according to your niche. Make sure the content speaks out to them directly so that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed just because it couldn’t reach the right people.
  5. In order to build a successful blog you mustnt lose hope. It takes time, be patient. Use SEO, relevant hashtags, discover other blogs, communicate and form a network. Your blog will grow eventually. And when you’ve a great number of readers and views, then you can begin to earn from the blog.

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