Smartphone Tech Hacks you MUST KNOW

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Make your smartphone’s battery last longer

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You can increase your smartphone’s battery by keeping a check on the brightness of the screen. Set the brightness on a mid-level rather than 100% brightness. The display is the part that takes up most of the battery. Also, don’t charge the phone overnight. People nowadays have a habit of putting the phone on charge before sleeping and unplugging it in the morning. This harms the battery, making it discharge faster during the day when it is used continuously. Try to use WiFi where ever possible instead of 4G network which takes up more power to run.


Make your smartphone’s process faster

Always, make sure to leave around 1GB of internal storage free at all times to ensure smooth processing of the smartphone without any lags. Don’t use third party apps from playstore to clean your RAM used. Instead just close the apps as you are done with them every time and not just browse in between different apps. Turn off extra animations in your device’s settings. Avoid using a launcher,it takes up too much of storage and RAM as well. Make sure the device’s software is up to date. Every new update removes previous bugs and give you a better smartphone experience. If you don’t use an app, uninstall it right away and if it’s a system app then disable it. In the App section in Settings, clean cache at regular intervals to avoid the building of huge chunk of cache that’ll be slow down your phone.


Translate the text written on a book or paper

While travelling to a place where your native language isn’t spoken, seeing directions and board signs can be a hectic task. There is a simple hack, download and install Google Translate app from Playstore on your smartphone. Just open the app and point your camera to the text you want to translate and it’s shown in your native language on your phone’s screen. It’s like your personal interpreter.


Scan documents using your Smartphone


In our daily life, there are many situations in which we have to send some official documents urgently and we don’t the access to a scanner machine. But we have our smartphones with us every time and now you can get the same results as that of a scanner from it. Simply, download and install the app named ‘Cam Scanner’ on your smartphone. Using this, you can capture the images of the documents and they get processed, converted to a scanned image or a pdf as per your requirement. Such apps can be quite handy to use.


Minimize data used during video/audio chat on WhatsApp


In WhatsApp settings, you have an inbuilt option to lower your data usage. Open WhatsApp > Settings > Chats and Calls > Under Call Settings > Low Data Usage > Turn on. Also, turn off the option to auto-download images and audio when on cellular data or even while using WiFi. You can manually download the media you find useful. Disable creating a backup of WhatsApp media when on cellular data.



  1. These are all really great tips, especially how to get your battery life to last longer! I feel like I use my phone so much that the battery life is always draining quickly. I’ll have to try some of these out, thanks for sharing!

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