The best Instagram Photographers whom you need to follow ASAP! (PORTRAITS)

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Brandon Woelfel

When you like cameras more than you like most people🤓📸

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Brandon Woelfel (23-year-old) is known best for his signature style portraits and the amazing editing with the hues and tones in every picture. The key elements in his pictures are neon lights, fairy lights, colour bombs, flowers, sparkles, rainbows and everything awesome in short! He is a New York based Photographer and has a whopping 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 293,000 on his personal Instagram account by the name @bran.wolf. He posts before/after and behind the scenes of his shoots on YouTube. Do check out his Instagram, I bet you’ll fall in love with his feed. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube on how to edit like Brandon but the look can’t be imitated that easily. You can get his photo book ‘Luminescence’ for $39.99, which has been the best seller for a while now! Click here to order yours today.




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Show me your true colors🎨

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Homemade dynamite, I wanna feel the light

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Kai Böttcher

Kai is a 23-year-old, Germany based Photographer. Though at first sight, Brandon and Kai’s Instagram feed might look similar, their styles are far apart. Kai’s photographs have a darker touch to them unlike the bright and vibrant ones of Brandon. His portraits have the face in the focus at most times, sharpened in Adobe Photoshop. The pictures look super fine and attractive. The way he tunes the whites and blacks is amazing. Go check out his feed today! He has 130,000 followers on Instagram.

Bad at breaking habits. // @vizualisa

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Siddharth – The Fuzzy Bong

Siddharth, known as the fuzzy bong on Instagram is from India. He is just 19 years old and has a creative imagination which is clearly seen in his pictures. He has 24,000 followers on Instagram. All of his pictures are self portraits clicked by an iPhone, which are then edited using VSCO, Picsart and Lightroom. His feed has people wondering, “How did he do that?” Look through his pictures and you won’t believe your eyes.

GUYS!! Today I'm sharing some of my favourite before and afters along with a NEWS! The main reason behind my non consistency with new content was that my IPhone 5s that I had been shooting all my pictures with, had been lagging way too much in the recent weeks! Be it in terms of camera (because of some minor scratches in my lens), storage, or the picture quality! So most of the times I redited my pictures and posted it as a new piece (you might notice this in my before and afters too)!! I don't regret posting them at all because this, in a way, shows how you can come up with new content every now and then, even with just one picture you already have or have already used ! I believe, this proves that perspective is all that really matters! NOW that its not possible for me to shoot with it anymore, I've switched to an IPHONE 7 PLUS! So my journey with an iPhone 5s ends here! The new content I'll be posting from now on will be taken on an iPhone 7 plus BUT will be processed on the same apps I worked on previously! I'm overwhelmed with happiness by all your love and support that I've been receiving for the work I do and the amazing journey so far! I hope you all stick with me for the rest of my journey and help me make this community beautiful than ever! Much love, Sidart . Music by Anoushka Shankar . . . . . . . . . . . . . #instagood#featuremeinstagood#livefolk#liveauthentic#huffpostgram#justgoshoot#shoottokill#hbouthere#agameoftones#artofvisuals#visualsoflife#visualgang#featuremeofh#featuremebest#bleachmyfilm#photographysouls#theimaged#portraitmood#moodyports#aovportraits#of2humans#ftwotw#portraitvision#folksouls#pursuitofportraits#expofilm#visualsoflife#acreativevisual#createcommune#aov#shotzdelight @ourmoodydays @portraitpage @moodyports @pursuitofportraits

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Ryan – ryanxhoward

John Keatley


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