Pokemon Go developer Niantic releases its AR platform to third-party developers

Niantic has announced that it is going to let third-party developers use its augmented reality platform called Real World Platform to develop applications. The company used this same platform to develop the Pokemon Go game that went viral around the world. The platform has been continuously undergoing upgradations which were showcased in a recently released demo video by the company along with the new technique known as occlusion.

Occlusion, the technique which was gained from the acquisition of London-based Matrix Mill, enables the platform to integrate real-world objects into the platform by identifying them using machine learning. This makes it more interactive, which can be seen in the demo video released as the Pokemon named Pikachu hides behind objects in the real world.


Niantic CEO John Hanke at a meeting in San Francisco said that this is just an experimental proof and is yet to be implemented in products. It also showcases what is coming next to the games developed by the studio. However, the company has given no such time frame as to when this technology will be coming to the market.

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  1. It is a great idea that Niantic is letting third-party developers use its Real World Platform to develop new applications. This is an opportunity for young designers to explore and create amazing stuff. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with in the end. A major advantage is that young designers across the globe can collaborate on new ideas that will be exciting.

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