Stand out, make a difference

Who are you? What makes you different from others? What is that one thing you do the best? Following the crowd has never helped anyone and never will. There are in-numerous students out there, in the same course that you are and even scoring better than you. How are you any different? Take sometime, sit… Continue reading Stand out, make a difference


I dream 

On some days, I dream of the mountains Other days,a stroll deep into the woods I dream of how will it  feel To leave everything behind And let my little heart heal From all the chaos and hatred Of this big huge world. The sun, the trees and stars Can alone heal all my scars… Continue reading I dream 


Your Greed v/s Your deed

You dream of world peace When you have your own Home all crumbled You want to be loved When such words of hatred You mumbled You want to be cared for When you hesitate in helping A friend who is troubled You want too much That's the whole dilemma


Vandalize the nature

Don't you adore the clear blue skies which which stretch beyond the scope of your eyes Don't you adore the mighty strong mountains in the wake of which you see the morning sunrise Don't you adore the wide blue sea at night in her own storm and tides it spurts, agonized Don't you adore the… Continue reading Vandalize the nature