Breaking down Instagram Hashtags

The way Instagram works has changed entirely! Simply posting a picture will not make it visible to all the people who follow you or have the same interests. The new Instagram algorithm is dependent on hashtags too. The maximum number of hashtags you can use is 30, however you can ditch that limit! How? Post… Continue reading Breaking down Instagram Hashtags

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Living by the norms

We'll send in you in extra curricular classes when you're young Because we want to know what are you're good at Not so that you can improve and may be find your field of excellence But because we want something To flaunt to the people about you Do it your heart out, till you can… Continue reading Living by the norms


There’s someone in the crowd

Writing this blog post with the music of the movie 'La La Land' playing for the 100th time. I watched the movie a few days ago and I've had a few realizations. How the world around has changed, how we are so busy in ourselves and finding ways to make a living that we tend… Continue reading There’s someone in the crowd


Lazy afternoons in the zoo – Deers

Seeing them in front of my eyes was an experience I can't define in words though I'm completely against zoos, keeping these beautiful creatures in captivity. How can a deer or a leopard live in an area that is smaller than our usual public parks? I wonder if any of these animals will get to… Continue reading Lazy afternoons in the zoo – Deers


Guide to stay safe in Delhi for all the women out there ( 7 rules )

Don't get all dolled up when you leave your home, it is completely your fault for tempting decent men out there. Don't wear short clothes which include everything except a traditional Indian suit or a saree. Short clothes are a way of communicating that you are a slut. But wait, doesn't the saree expose your abdominal… Continue reading Guide to stay safe in Delhi for all the women out there ( 7 rules )