Breaking down Instagram Hashtags

The way Instagram works has changed entirely! Simply posting a picture will not make it visible to all the people who follow you or have the same interests. The new Instagram algorithm is dependent on hashtags too. The maximum number of hashtags you can use is 30, however you can ditch that limit! How? Post… Continue reading Breaking down Instagram Hashtags


What do you know about North Korea ?

Firstly, to get you in the zone of what horrible crisis North Korea has been under, please watch the video below of a young girl that escaped from North Korea in search of freedom, sharing her harsh experiences at such a tender age on the platform: One young world. One young world is a global… Continue reading What do you know about North Korea ?


There’s someone in the crowd

Writing this blog post with the music of the movie 'La La Land' playing for the 100th time. I watched the movie a few days ago and I've had a few realizations. How the world around has changed, how we are so busy in ourselves and finding ways to make a living that we tend… Continue reading There’s someone in the crowd


Article Published!

Feeling proud of the article about 'Bitcoins & Blockchains' being published in the latest edition of the Orbit magazine. Wrote it in collaboration with Aarohan Tiwari. We read and learned about the bitcoin technology from various sources online and came up with this write-up in about an hour or so. For those of you who are… Continue reading Article Published!