4 lessons I’ve learnt in 2016

  1. Only you can pull yourself up or push yourself down

No matter how hard your work, how much effort you put in whatever you do, there is always going to be someone who can do it better than you but there are also many compared to whom, you perform better. It’s your choice to be either optimistic and considers only the part where you are better than some or sit and sulk over the fact that there is someone better than you. No one can motivate you more than you yourself.

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Edit like a pro, by Picsart

With all those pictures you post on the social media, I am sure you have tried many applications to edit your pictures. Make them look more beautiful or even a bit crazy looking. But, let me break this to you,, this app am going to tell you about is like no other. I have been using PICSART for over an year now and am in complete awe of it. It’s like a little child of Photoshop. I am not boasting but on almost every edit I do on it, I have got people asking “OH WHAT HOW  DID YOU DO THAT?” Though I have seen people using Picsart often, they are still a stranger  to the plethora of amazing tools it has to provide.

Well, they say your knowledge increases when you share, so here is a slice of what I have learnt on the app, for you:


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