Breaking down Instagram Hashtags

The way Instagram works has changed entirely! Simply posting a picture will not make it visible to all the people who follow you or have the same interests. The new Instagram algorithm is dependent on hashtags too. The maximum number of hashtags you can use is 30, however you can ditch that limit! How? Post… Continue reading Breaking down Instagram Hashtags


Real people, Real stories

Recently, I have been thinking of how it is not possible for me to see the world, travel every nook and corner no matter how badly I want to. But as I know my town, the places I have visited nearby, so do the people around the globe. If we see them together, then if… Continue reading Real people, Real stories

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4 lessons I’ve learnt in 2016

Only you can pull yourself up or push yourself down No matter how hard your work, how much effort you put in what ever you do, there is always going to be someone who can do it better than you but there are also many compared to whom, you perform better. It's your choice to… Continue reading 4 lessons I’ve learnt in 2016


Mobile Photography tips, tried and tested

You don’t always need a DSLR to click professional looking pictures. Be it your selfies, random clicks of your vacation trip or friends’ day out, all of them can be made perfect by knowledge of basic tools in your  android Smartphone which people usually tend to ignore. LOW LIT OR EXTENSIVELY LIT PLACES You’ll find… Continue reading Mobile Photography tips, tried and tested


Edit like a pro, by Picsart

With all those pictures you post on the social media, I am sure you have tried many applications to edit your pictures. Make them look more beautiful or even a bit crazy looking. But, let me break this to you,, this app am going to tell you about is like no other. I have been… Continue reading Edit like a pro, by Picsart


Pokemon Go, the worldwide sensation

Are you the only one who doesn't know about Pokemon Go? Let me save you the embarrassment you will face among your other up to date friends. No, don't run away to download it from playstore its not there (Might be available if you took to long to read this post). Here is the link,… Continue reading Pokemon Go, the worldwide sensation