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4 lessons I’ve learnt in 2016

Only you can pull yourself up or push yourself down No matter how hard your work, how much effort you put in what ever you do, there is always going to be someone who can do it better than you but there are also many compared to whom, you perform better. It's your choice to… Continue reading 4 lessons I’ve learnt in 2016


I dream 

On some days, I dream of the mountains Other days,a stroll deep into the woods I dream of how will it  feel To leave everything behind And let my little heart heal From all the chaos and hatred Of this big huge world. The sun, the trees and stars Can alone heal all my scars… Continue reading I dream 

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7 types of buddies in every college group

The ever ready battery This person is ready to bunk 24x7, you just need to say the word and they will sneak out of their lectures to accompany you. It's like a duty call for them whenever a friend is in need of a break from the boring lectures. Usually, they don't even care where… Continue reading 7 types of buddies in every college group


Your Greed v/s Your deed

You dream of world peace When you have your own Home all crumbled You want to be loved When such words of hatred You mumbled You want to be cared for When you hesitate in helping A friend who is troubled You want too much That's the whole dilemma


Ocean of emotions

  Ocean of emotions, Deserted beneath the skies, With nowhere to reach, No hope lies. Abandoned. Alone. Hidden in the crowd you moan, Hoping for the sun to rise, To bring you a happy surprise, Awaiting someone who will hear your silent cries.